Our Story

JJ’s Mercantile is named after its owner, Elizabeth Rad’s grandfather JJ. The store pays homage to his hard-working spirit and the vision of Ms. Rad. Born in 1898, JJ immigrated from Italy when he was 16. He taught himself the trumpet and became a bandleader in Vaudeville. He later built a sales company for textiles, making honest deals with a handshake and a smile. A jovial family man who only had eyes for his wife and his daughter, Ms. Rad’s mother. He always had a cigar in his mouth.

“My grandfather taught me to work hard; to have pride in myself and my work. He taught me responsibility, accountability and basic business principles. He respected me and treated me like an adult at an early age, valuing kindness and honesty. I admire my grandfather and remember him every day. In many ways, I am still ‘grandpa’s girl’”. 

In the spirit of JJ, our country store offers retail goods, groceries, bakery and prepared foods with stylized simplicity. Our community lounge, antique cast iron stove, artwork, wraparound porch with casual dining and phenomenal views embodies comfort, ambiance and hospitality. Welcome!