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Sister Light Table - Anodized Copper

Sister Light is a battery-operated portable and rechargeable table lamp. It is equipped with an electronic control system that monitors the remaining autonomy and ensures constant luminous flux until the battery runs out.

An adaptable multifunctional contact control menu permits you to change the light colour temperature to 2700-3350-4000K (dynamic white) and to set or exclude the 4-step dimmer function. The top of the lamp, fixed to the stem, can be converted to magnetic fixing and detached to become an emergency light. The base of the lamp is designed to be mechanically fixed to a table.

13,2 x 11,6 - h 32,8 cm / 5,2 x 4,6 - h 12,9 in

100% 8 h - 60% 13 h - 30% 28 h - 6% 58 h
Sister Light Table - Anodized Copper

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